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Gold prize works of 23rd contest

*You can see a picture with a big image, if you click a picture.

The Beautiful Sights of Bangladesh (the Hills, the Tribal Areas and the Tribes)

Jarin Tasnim Arika
Bangladesh (F Age 11)


Masha Sknarina
Belarus (F Age 9)

Happy Girl

Tihomira Petkova
Bulgaria (F Age 6)

Cow by the Riverside

Vladimirova Eva Angelova
Bulgaria (F Age 9)

Court in the Village

Tsonev Daniel Miroslavov
Bulgaria (M Age 11)


Martin Milenov
Bulgaria (M Age 12)


Kin Gi Lau
China (M Age 9)

Traditional Night Parade

Yee Wah Lee
China (F Age 11)

Cat and Mouse

Jana Kučerová
Czech (F Age 6)

Merdeka-The Independence of our Nation

Siah Xin Ru
Malaysia (F Age 7)

Fun Shower

Ying Wan Lim
Malaysia (F Age 7)

A Boat of Unity

Chuah Gwendolyn Jia Yee
Malaysia (F Age 14)

Temple of Nine Emperor

Lee Ling Feng
Malaysia (M Age 14)


Anastasia Banu
Romania (F Age 10)

Sri Lankan Elephants

Thenuki Hirunima De Silva
Sri Lanka (F Age 12)


Jiang Yo Lin
Taiwan (M Age 11)

Little Sheep

Valeriya Payuk
Ukraine (F Age 8)

A Fish Born in a Puddle of the Field

Uharu Kan
Japan (F Age 7)


Mizuki Nambara
Japan (F Age 11)

In the Forest

Yuki Kawami
Japan (F Age 15)