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What is World Children's Picture Contest?

The World Children's Picture Contest has been held as part of its cultural activities since 1993 in order to promote awareness of the importance of nature and agriculture as well as to encourage friendship and goodwill among children around the world and help them develop well-rounded characters.


Contest Rules

(1) Themes

Please choose one of the following themes:
“Agriculture”“Farming Area”“Nature”“Environment”
“People”“Family” or "Meal Scene"(The 25th Anniversary Memorial Prize will be awarded to the artworks that best represent the theme "Meal Scene".)

(2) Eligible Participants

6-15 years old *As of December 31,2017

(3) Entry Period

June 1 - September 29, 2017
*Pictures must be received by us during this time.

(4) Dimensions of the Pictures

  1. Size is must be less than 728mm × 515mm × 3mm
  2. You can use any materials and methods to paint.
    Let’s enjoy painting it!

(5) Entry of details

Please look at the Invitation.

Invitation is here :
Spanish translation is here :
French translation is here :


Gold Prize: 20 people, Silver Prize: 40 people,
Bronze Prize: 60 people, 25th Anniversary Prize: 10 people, Honorable Mention: 80 people
All winners will be awarded a shield attached a winning work and a commemorative gift.

*All the prize winners and the participating organizations will be given "The Contest Commemorative Book of Winners."

  • Present for the Gold Prize “Coupy Pencils 60 colors”. SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORP.

  • The 24th Contest Commemorative Book of Winners


We will judge the pictures in October and November by rigorous.

The Director-general of The National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo)
The Professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
The Professor University of the Sacred Heart,Tokyo
Chairperson Japan Federation of Art Education Teachers
Masako Yuki (Picture book writer of the art)

Results Announcement Date(Tentative)

  1. Results will be announced on the IE-NO-HIKARI Association website in end-January, 2018.
  2. The IE-NO-HIKARI Association will send the result notice to all the participating organizations (or to each participant if he or she participated in the contest individually )after March, 2018.

Address and Information

IE-NO-HIKARI Association
“The 25th Annual World Children's Picture Contest"
6F, Toranomon 15 Mori Bldg. 2-8-10 Toranomon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-0001, Japan


International Raiffeisen Union
The Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Japan
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Japan Federation of Art Education Teachers
Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)

Supporting Organizations

Central Union of Agricultural Co-operatives
The Norinchukin Bank
Nokyo Tourist Corporatio

The cooperation organization